Protected: Dear Dad, It Has Been a Year Since You Died

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A Lazy Sunday Shoot

Me loves a shoot that starts at noon. Especially if it comes with fresh flowers, tea, and bread with brie and fig jam. I slipped away to grab some photos of the ambiance of the house while the other ladies sipped their morning mimosas. Photo shoot shot by Mikola Accuardi, makeup and hair by Christine … Continue reading

Union/Pine: Double Exposure Exhibit

SE Portland is starting to incorporate their own First Friday Art-Walk, and one business that seems to be booked non-stop for awesome art-forward events is Union/Pine. This month, they exhibited a slew of local artists’ double-exposure work. I stopped by to capture the reactions and experiences of the attendees.

A Summer-y

Note: This post will be a summary of events this past summer :) I must admit and apologize: I have been back in town for a total of two weeks and two days today. However!–I have been swamped upon the minute of my return. Still, it has been far too long since I last posted … Continue reading

this is us: a nationally collaborative film project

Well it has been quite the month (and one day) let me tell you. Later. Right now, my mind is completely enveloped with the fact that I will be traveling to five major cities in the US between 9/7-10/6 thanks to JetBlue’s All You Can Jet returning special. Heck yes heck yes heck yes! “Will … Continue reading

The Chain

Finally. You have no idea what I’ve been through to complete this! Ever since I graduated high school I’ve wanted to keep singing (I was the biggest choir nerd and have the awards to prove it), but found through culinary school, baking, modeling, and acting there doesn’t leave much opportunity to be a part of … Continue reading

The Gray Area — THE PREMIERE!

Well hello everyone! I have quite exciting news. “The Gray Area” feature I was cast in will be premiering June 18th-24th at the Hollywood Theater! There an article in OSU’s paper, offering more information on the people involved and explaining a little bit about how awesome it was to work on set with these guys–as … Continue reading

$10 Challenge

Alright world. There is nothing I like more than a challenge, except the possibility of taking that challenge and making a hearty challenge-sandwich of which I pile delicious condiments (such as creativity, fun, and experience) and ravishly devour said lunch item. I was feeling pretty hungry, so I contacted Joe and we came up with … Continue reading

5/12 What’s Up (Chapter o1)

I’m sitting at a coffee shop in a daze looking over at my friend and fellow co-artist Joe Aimonetti. I can’t tell if I’m alive right now. My legs are tired, my feet thankful that I wore my china flats to allow maximum comfort and space to avoid scraping my freshly stale blisters, all of … Continue reading

The Best and Only First and Last Twenty-Second

I wake up around 8am and hop in the shower. I had gone to bed around 4am and knew I could nap in the car as my mom drove us home from Seattle, so I wasn’t too worried about how little sleep I had gotten. I knew the excitement of the day would take care … Continue reading